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Synod 2020

The Novena of Prayer

The Novena of Prayer

A Synod for the Archdiocese of Liverpool

Our journey to Synod 2020 began with a year of prayer (as part of our preparations for the Eucharistic Congress and Pilgrimage). We are now beginning the next stage of our journey. This web site will help you to become fully equipped to play your part.

Discussions will take place, which will begin from the fact that we are not only about managing decline, but we are trying to catch a vision that will move us forward towards missionary discipleship, so that we do not simply follow Jesus but we take the Gospel message to others.

Our Diocesan Advent Prayer which we used last year says, ‘Help us to become the Church you are calling us to be’. This is the call of our Synod.

I invite everyone to be part of this adventure: To those who feel far from God and the Church, to all those who are fearful or indifferent, I would like to say this: the Lord, with great respect and love, is also calling you to be a part of his people!

In October 2020 our Archdiocese, priests and people together, will meet to reflect on what we have heard and vote on specific proposals that have arisen from the discussion and sharing in our parishes and pastoral areas. I have decided to work in this way because I believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in the bishops, priests and people of the Archdiocese. So I need each one of you to play your part in our Synod process. Without you we will not hear the call of God guiding us and walking with us on our journey.

It is a long established practice in the Church to use the term ‘Synod’ for decisive meetings at significant times where members of the Church come together to review one or more issues and make decisions.

Over fifty years after the Second Vatican Council and in view both of the multiple challenges facing us as well as the opportunities that contemporary cultural changes afford us, we are at a significant moment in the history of our Archdiocese.

There is clear duty on us to discern carefully together what the Spirit is saying to the Church in the Archdiocese of Liverpool and agree on common goals and actions for the coming years.

Malcolm McMahon OP, Archbishop of Liverpool

Preparation prayer for Synod 2020

Preparation prayer for Synod 2020

Our Journey to 2020

There is a long journey ahead as we move towards the Synod in 2020, here is a look at a brief timeline of events leading up to the main Synod in 2020.

October 2017 - September 2018 // Prayer

A year of prayer leading up to the Eucharistic Congress, allowing us to prepare ourselves for the period to come.

"Focusing our gaze firmly on Christ is an excellent place to begin our own journey towards Synod 2020" - Archbishop Malcolm

October 2018 // Vision

The Archbishop will share the vision behind Synod 2020 and more details of the rest of the journey that is to come.

November & December 2018 // Members

The members for the Synod in 2020 will be chosen by the Parishes and Pastoral Areas from around the Archdiocese of Liverpool, which stretches from Warrington and Chorley out to the Isle of Man. 

February to July 2019 // Listening

The chosen members will assist with the listening and reflection period in Parishes and other places around the Pastoral Areas.

September 2019 - September 2020 // Themes and Proposals

A period of reflection will take place around the themes emerging from the listening period leading to the generation of the proposals to be considered at the Synod in 2020.

October 2020 // The Synod

In October 2020, the members will gather together to vote on the proposals, these will then go forward as recommendations to the Archbishop of future actions.  

Getting Involved

For Synod 2020 to be a success it needs the involvement of as many of our Catholic community as possible and there are many ways to get involved as we journey towards 2020.

I. Pray
The whole Synod process is rooted in prayer. If we are to truly discern where God is calling us as a Church then it is essential that we pray every step of the way. So please pray for the success of Synod 2020, pray for our Archdiocese, and try to incorporate the Synod Prayer into your daily prayers.

II. Participate
As we journey to 2020 there will be numerous opportunities to get involved in the Synod process whether it is by attending one of our open meetings in October/November 2018, going to parish and pastoral area gatherings as part of the listening and discernment process, celebrating Synod Sunday each October, or by joining in some of our diocese-wide events. 

III. Synod Membership
Those who are selected to be Synod Members have an important and challenging role in our Synod Journey. It is they who will gather in October 2020 to vote on the Synod Proposals but, leading up to that, it is they who will create opportunities in their local Church communities for the listening and discernment that will inform and inspire those final Proposals. 

IV. Local Synod Champions
The role of a Synod Member will be rewarding but at times quite demanding. Our parish and Pastoral Area Members will benefit greatly if there are others in our communities who are willing to help, support, and encourage them in their endeavours.

V. Keep Informed
Keep up-to-date with Synod 2020 developments through this Synod 2020 website, by following us on Social Media [Synod2020 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter], by reading our updates in The Catholic Pic, and with notices in your parish.

VI. Ask
If you want to do more to support Synod 2020 but don't know how please ask your parish priest, any of your other local Synod members, or contact the Synod Office.

Synod 2020 belongs to us all and it is our enthusiasm, our prayerful hope, and our willingness to participate that will truly make a success of it and to become the Church that God calls us to be.